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“The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.”

– Tony Robbins

We are raising the next generation of tech innovators and entrepreneurs. Our mission is pretty simple: We think that most people who want to work in technology can find a path that is right for them – if they have the right tools and guidance. It's our mission to make this happen! Our goal is to train up to 50,000 students by 2030.

Codewit started in 2018 and has trained over 3000 students in Ghana and Nigeria since then through bootcamps, short courses, age and gender-specific workshops as well as our tuition-free code school. With 600 people applying for the first code school, we narrowed down to 45 after a series of bootcamps and eventually graduated 5 students by August 2019. We provided mentorship and business support for these graduates who decided to start their own tech company.

We Are Revolutionizing the Way People Learn to Code: Community, Mentorship and Value

To meet our goal of raising 50,000 tech innovators and entrepreneurs, we need you to partner with us. Our Partnership Program is open to all tech enthusiasts regardless of your industry. If you have a passion to see more Africans building solutions and innovating in the tech space we want you on board!

What Will You Get

The satisfaction that comes with being a part of real change and seeing real people being impacted in different countries.

You will have access to connect and network with like-minded people(other partners) who share the same vision. You will be an integral part of the Codewit community.

Our goal is to raise tech innovators who can be of value in the institutions they find themselves in. Partners and institutions they work with will be given priority during the matching and  placement of some of our best talents.

Partners get special discounts on allCodewit trainings; from bootcamps to professional and corporate courses

Three Ways You Can Partner with us

Give Your Time

You can simply offer to join our community and tell everyone about the impact we are making or volunteer to teach at a session.

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Make a one time cash donation, donate a computer and some other items or get paraphernalia to support our fundraising efforts

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Ready to invest in Codewit? We'll share with you a pitch deck and any other documents you request including a calendar invite for you to meet with the team.

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Partner With us

Join us! Let's empower the people that will change the world. Make real impact in the lives of real people.

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