Training 50,000 developers in Africa by 2030

3,000 people trained so far
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Build a recording studio

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Free Coding Diploma for 100 people

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Codewit School Web & Mobile App

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Buy Codewit Paraphernalia

  • Cool T-shirts, crop tops, laptop stickers , phone cases, tote bags for you and your friends. All profit goes into the current project.
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Make A One Time Donation

  • With a one time donation you can get free courses, become a founding member, founding partner or an equity partner.
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  • Would you rather check out the list of items we need and supply directly to us? Get paraphernalia, become a founding member, founding partner or equity partner.
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The Laptop Donation Drive

  • We are donating at least, 10,000 laptops to individuals who want to code this year. Donate both old functioning, buy a new laptops or pay for them to be bought and donated to those who need it
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Sponsor A Student to attend a short course

  • This gives one person free tuition in a 3 weeks course and you get team discounts for our professional courses when you donate.
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Sponsor A Student to attend a bootcamp

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  • Give someone a chance to get into our coding program when they attend this bootcamp and get some cool paraphernalia when you donate.
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Sponsor A Student to attain a Nano Degree

  • One person gets free tuition in our diploma course and their first job or business in tech while you get to become an equity partner at Codewit when you donate.
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