Three Steps To Becoming A Freelancer

There are a dozen articles and stories all over the internet preaching the message of financial freedom in the tech industry. And rightly so! The best entry into the space is freelancing. In other words, doing work on your own without the guidance of an employer and earning money per the job given. These jobs range in difficulty and could be as simple as updating fonts and colours or as complex as redesigning an existing website and creating systems and sales funnels to generate leads. That means there’s room for everyone here.

I’ll share three easy steps to becoming a freelancer.

Step One: Learn how to code!

Get this superpower. With this you will be able to build a wide range of web or mobile apps to help others bring their dreams to life. The beauty of freelancing is in the knowledge you have that others don’t have. That’s the only reason anyone will pay you for it. Learn as much as you can. It will require a lot of discipline to be consistent. What works? Put aside a time for learning each day. As you learn, build projects. Be as practical as possible. It’s easy to go through the theory and follow the tutorials as they teach you but it is better to pause that video and try it out on another project. Think about a problem and then look for the best way to solve it. That way, you open yourself up to all the possibilities it comes with. It gives you the urge to go out and do more!

Fun fact: Learning to code even HTML and CSS willI give you an upper hand when you’re working with other tools. You can customize templates and make them your own.

Step Two: Build A Portfolio.

Building projects in essential on this journey especially because no one knows you in the beginning stages. Te only way to prove to them that you know your stuff is to show them. Put all your best work together so it’s easy to share. You can use GitHub to keep all your projects in one place and generate a link you can share. Another alternative is to build a portfolio website for yourself and host it on Netlify. If you can afford it, buy a domain name for yourself. The goal is to find an easy way to share your best work with people. Your portfolio should also say a little about who you are and why anyone should choose you; your story. You’re building a brand here. Make it count.

Step Three: Share Your Portfolio

Share your portfolio with the world! You can start with your network: family, friends, acquaintances, alumni. Make sure to state why you are sharing it and what they stand to benefit from you.

Keep an eye out on your social media platforms for people who send out requests for certain services and pitch yourself to them. Add your portfolio to your pitch to give it a solid backing.

Make sure the people in your network know that you are in the tech industry. Speak about what you are learning. Share insights as you go. Share your story, your progress. It keeps you fresh in the minds of the people around you. Jump on any opportunity to share your journey and expertise. Exciting social audio apps like Clubhouse and Wisdom App give you amazing opportunity to share what you know in rooms and network. Get on those.

Go out and bid for gigs on Upwork, Fiverr or any other freelancer platforms. Most of these sites will require a portfolio. There are a vast range of jobs you can bid for. The more you bid, the more you learn that skill and build your negotiation skills. Once you land your first gig, ask for reviews to help build your portfolio and be sure to include the new job you just did in your portfolio.

This is just the beginning of a path to financial freedom and earning money for the skills you’ve learnt.

BONUS TIP: Keep learning; practicing, building. Once you get a gig, add it to your portfolio. Keep building your portfolio with projects, putting your best work first! Update what your portfolio website or pages look like as you progress. Your growth will also attract people to you. Your consistency will pay off if you don’t give up.

Take the first step to financial freedom today! Learn to code. We are excited to see more people learn a skill and to empower the people that will change the world. There’s a free online telegram group where we learn the basics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python in 14 weeks! We know it gets lonely when you’re learning alone so we created a community where you can learn with other like-minded people and share ideas. Simply join the Telegram group and get started today

Let’s win together!💪🏽


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