Adding up- to-date data on the Stock Market and Geography in Microsoft Excel

Do you work with data that requires up-to-date information on the stock market or on geography related topics? Then this will get you excited! Microsoft 365 users can access live sources of updated underlying data from the stock market as well as geographical data like population, area, birthrate, gasoline prices, GDP and a whole lot more.

With linked data types in Microsoft Excel, the software giant has made it easy for user to create their own datasets based on real up-to-date information pooled online and has also afforded us the luxury of updating this information with just a click of a button! These linked data types can be found in the Data tab on your Excel Workbook.

The Data Tab In Excel Underlined

The Geography linked data type will have a map icon next to the text to signify that it is linked to that database.

Data from the Stocks is signified with an icon of a building next to the text.

Getting this data is really easy with your Excel! you first need to change your plain text into a linked data type. Once you see the map or building icon next to your text, you can access the rest of the information you want by clicking on the card icon that pops up when you select the cell. That card gives you a drop down of what data is available to you.

Inserting Data from the Stock Market in Excel

You can start out by either typing out the company name or the company’s stock symbols in a cell. Select the cells with the company name/stock symbols and, in your Data tab, at the top of your Excel worksheet, click on the Stocks data type. The selected cells will now have the building icon next to their names. The names of the company you put in the cells will change to the company’s name on the stock market as well as their stock symbols.

Once you have that you can select a cell(s) and then click on the card that pops up. Select the information you want to access and the data will appear in the next empty cell to the right.

Inserting Geographical Data on Excel

Very similar to the procedure for the Stock Market, start by typing out the name of the country or cities in the country and then change the data type to Geography. You can find the geography data type under the Data tab on your Excel sheet. Once you change the data type, the map icon appears next to the text in the cell. You can now select the cell(s), click on the card that pops up to access all the data you want on that city or country.

How to Update the Data

Once you change the data type of your text, the information is linked to an external database online such that the information can easily be updated when it changes. You can set it up to automatically update the information on our Excel sheet but that will require you to incorporate some VBA code. You can, however, update this manually using the Refresh All button in the data tab or the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F5.

The ‘Refresh All’ button on the left

Excel, based on customer suggestions, has now made it possible for its users to connect their own personal database like your organisation’s database to Excel so it works just like the linked data types we have discussed today. But that’s a topic for another post!

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